Efficient communication in the mobile

We help companies, authorities and regions daily to reach out to their recipients with important messages. With our cloud-based communication platform (CPaaS) for messaging and distribution, you can reach both employees and customers in a reliable and fast way.
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Do you inform in a timely manner?

In the event of serious incidents, it is important to quickly inform stakeholders, both internally and externally.
Using SMS as a communication channel is the most effective way to mobilize teams and inform both employees and customers.

Are you short on staff?

In the event of serious incidents, it is important to get answers quickly from those who can take a vacant or extra work pass. Send SMS to employees who have the right expertise and are available for the job with smart filtering

How is your staff doing?

Are many employees on sick leave or quarantined due to corona? Do a quick health check and send an SMS and get answers to optimize staffing today and tomorrow

Communicate effectively on the mobile

Using INCIDIT is to communicate effectively, digitally and reliably. SMS as a communication channel is suitable for all types of messages. With the INCIDIT platform, you can send messages to your mobile phone through App, SMS, e-mail or voice reaching specific recipients. In the dashboard, you can see what the recipient has answered in real-time and then make well-considered decisions for your business. The platform can be used to:

  • make targeted smaller mailings or bulk mailings
  • communicate internally and externally
  • send notifications, reminders and surveys
  • send job requests in the event of a sudden absence
  • call in staff in emergency situations
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Messages that are being read

The need to communicate quickly and clearly is important. The mobile phone is an important news channel today and can be used for effective communication. It should be easy to send messages whether it is urgent as in serious events or planned. An SMS-based information system has many advantages and can be used as a complement to the traditional information channels:

    • SMS has an opening rate of 98%
    • SMS messages will be read within 3 minutes
    • SMS reaches all types of mobile phones globally, regardless of operating system or service provider

Easy to get started

INCIDIT can be configured and is easy to use. It is easy to get started and easy to create contact lists, groups and predefined templates for different types of messages (notifications, reminders, etc.)

Global reach

By using INCIDIT you can reach recipients around the world. Messages sent through the platform will reach recipients within seconds.


With the INCIDIT communication platform you can easily send messages with high capacity and availability. No installation is necessary as we deliver INCIDIT as a cloud service.