Cloud-based mobile business communication

Business Messaging Solutions

INCIDIT offers various applications for efficient and relevant mobile communication to customers and employees in the private and public sectors. With effective communication, you can both increase productivity and employee commitment as well as strengthen customer loyalty and brand.



Smart distribution to many

Save time when it is most valuable

With the INCIDIT communication platform you can send unlimited messages both internally and externally. You can inform, ask specific questions and analyze and re-use the responses to send new messages. This is how it works:

  • Make sure the right people have received and read critical information
  • Send unlimited messages locally or globally
  • Import and use address books and metadata
  • Create ready-made distribution lists (internal and external)
  • Create, save and send mailings in the same feed
  • Filter and send questions to specific groups based on metadata
  • Create message templates for your company’s various needs
  • See distribution history and create new queries based on received responses
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