Keep safe distance for minimized infection risk

With INCIDIT's SMS logic for contact-free pick up you can use Click & Collect in a new way - customized for COVID-19.

Click & Collect drive thru

The customer text his order number to the store, as soon as the order is completed, a message is sent to the customer about where and when the goods can be collected.

Riskgroup adapted

Orders are available for pick-up in stores. Risk groups choose the specified time for collection, e.g. weekdays at 8am to 9pm.

Customized pick up

The customer selects the time window for the order. The customer retrieves his Click & Collect order at a specific location outdoors.

Click & Collect - COVID-19

Retailers are now taking steps to reduce the risk of infection for both customers and employees. An important measure – is to keep a distance in accordance with the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. With smart SMS logic, you can effectively avoid crowds and increase customer service by:

  • Let the customer avoid waiting (pick up orders just-in-time)
  • Avoid queuing
  • Minimize employee exposure
  • Enables delivery in more places than physically in stores
  • Keep control of the delivery of picking orders
  • If the customer should be prevented, the Click & Collect order remains for 24 hours from the selected time window.

If you want to know more please contact us, we are happy to discuss different opportunities to provide the customer with the best possible service when picking up goods.

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