Call in staff & manage competence more efficiently

Staff-managing can be time-consuming and sometimes business-critical. With INCIDIT you can quickly call in a replacement and find the right person with the right competence with extremely short notice.

Save time & resources

With automated communication you can save both time & resources to call in staff, and att the same time creat clear communication.

Optimize staffing

Do not let the business stop due to sudden absence. Call in business-critical staff with the right competence in a second.

Streamline costs

Time is money. By optimizing your staffing resources and the actual utilization of resources, the economy will become more sustainable.

App, SMS or Voice

In case of emergency staffing

Using INCIDIT is to communicate smart, efficient and completely digital. You save a lot of time and can focus on your other tasks in peace and quiet. You choose whether you want to communicate via App, SMS or voice to reach the right people depending on the situation. In particularly critical situations, a voice message can be crucial.

Work Request will help you

  • Find a replacement quickly for the shift
  • Save time and resources from complicated scheduling
  • Get prompt attention and response from employees
  • Filter by competence, availability, department, language, certificate etc
  • Set up smart rules, such as escalation, turnaround etc
  • Confirm directly to the employee who has been assigned the shift
  • Create and save message templates for different types of job requests – emergency or scheduled
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Follow status in realtime

With the INCIDIT communication platform, you can quickly send messages via SMS, voice or App that reach the right people. INCIDIT is created to save time and optimize staffing in a clear way. This is done with a unique, automated request process and a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started and get good control and overview of the requests sent out.

  • The dashboard shows the status of ongoing workflows
  • All data is presented in real time, follow all responses
  • A cloud service – several different workflows
  • Meets high requirements in security, accessibility and stability requirements
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