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We streamline and automate mobile communication and business processes for both companies and organizations

With many years of experience in customer-specific development, we can now offer INCIDIT to a broader market. INCIDIT is LEKAB’s communication platform (CPaaS) that can be used by all companies and organizations, small as well as large, to streamline internal and external communication flows (SMS, voice or via Apps).

Since 1994, we have developed and integrated intelligent services for mobile communication and process automation for companies, regions and county councils that want to excel.

Over the years, we have helped some of the Nordic region’s largest listed companies to increase their efficiency, security and accessibility through effective communication and process solutions.

We have succeeded because we know that it is not only the technology in the solutions that helps our customers. Our customers use our products in very different ways to support their specific needs and business goals. Our deep expertise in how the solutions streamline business processes and engage customers is just as important.

Therefore, we are also given the confidence to be partners and advisors to our customers. As a result, we have today built global services for automated mobile communication and automated business processes.

We are here to help

COVID-19, Stockholm March 2020

In times of crisis, efficient communication can be crucial. Therefore, we want to help companies, authorities, municipalities and regions quickly share important information, both internally and externally.

The INCIDIT communication platform can be used as a decision support for the business by sending messages to quickly resolve staffing issues and call in staff at short notice, or by sending messages internally regarding HR issues or other important or critical information to employees. INCIDIT can also be used to communicate externally with customers and other external stakeholders.

All companies and organizations have different needs. With INCIDIT you decide for yourself what messages to send and to whom – domestic or foreign.

Try INCIDIT for free * for 3 months, and we will help you get started in the best way. This offer applies to the set of SMS as a communication channel.

INCIDIT is especially aimed at companies and organizations that want to communicate effectively with mobile messages (SMS, voice or App) both internally and externally to ensure continuity of the business and to be able to act quickly in serious events or crisis situations.

* We offer the monthly fee to the platform and you only pay for the SMS you send (domestic or international).

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